How Come I Managed To Find The Emergency Wedding Band Hire Birmingham?

I still remember the hustle and bustle of my wedding and being the only one in Birmingham I was the one who has to do the complete arrangements for my wedding. I was new in the city, had a few friends but still could not manage to ask them for help especially when it came to Wedding band for hire in Birmingham.

My whole family and girlfriend live in London but due to my transfer in one of the finest banks of Birmingham, I had to move here. This is where I decided to plan my wedding. My girlfriend and I negotiated and she also liked this idea. I planned to hire wedding planner but due to the season of weddings, I couldn’t find one. Then I decided to do it by myself because no matter what, it’s just me who exactly know what I and my girlfriend want at our wedding.

Everything was ready, catering, hall, invitations, but at the last minute, the wedding band I had hired, due to some emergency canceled the show… it was just two days before the actual weeding. I was stressed because I didn’t know many people in Birmingham and don’t know if there are any emergency wedding band hire in Birmingham. 

Searching wedding band hire Birmingham Online:

Nevertheless, without losing hope and without telling it to my girlfriend I decided to find the wedding band hire services near me. I never wanted to spoil her excitement and happiness for our big day. On the internet I found a query with name wedding band hire Birmingham. Scrolling to a website I found they offer at the minute and urgent wedding band services.

Negotiating with the wedding band hire Birmingham Company:

Next thing I did was clicking the contact us button and then leaving a big but to the point email in which I stated the date of my wedding, time of the function, and regarding their services. I felt so overwhelmed by their fast response. In the first five minutes of sending the email, I received a positive reply telling me the solution to my problem.

After that we decided to make a meet up, I went to the wedding band hire Birmingham company’s office and there we negotiated and discussed regarding;

  • Price or service of their music.
  • The number of people in the band.
  • How many equipments like speakers I require based on the hall where my wedding has to happen.
  • Time on which I need the wedding band to reach my place.
  • What kind of music I want them to play. I had even given them my personalize playlist as well.
  • How much time do they need to play music at my wedding?
  • What sort of uniform I want them to wear
  • And if there are any more requirements.

I was happy on their professional approach and their questionnaire had for the wedding band we hired. So, the band reached in time on my wedding day and played good music even dedicated a special song to me and my wife. It was a good experience with wedding band hire Birmingham Company.

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